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I’m writing before midnight, so this is a success already, even if I post this a day late.

This week has been amazing, actually. I’ve basically spent all my time with Callum (gross), but feeling this content is nice so I’m not going to feel bad about it.

Bank holiday Monday at work was pretty busy, but not as bad as Mother’s Day at least. After work I did some boring house things and then watched The Boy with Trawden Flat. As far as horror films go the ending plot twist was pretty good, however even for me it wasn’t that frightening, and I’m horrendous for being scared.

Tuesday I helped some friends with their tackling techniques, my first little bit of rugby in a while. It’s made me excited to get back to training soon. Although I won’t be able to travel to Waterloo until September it’ll be nice to train with some familiar faces and catch up with the Vale Ladies.

I had an enjoyable Thursday night in playing cards at Trawden. I think my idea of a good night has somehow changed from going out and getting drunk to staying in with friends and messing around, although a few drinks could be had in that situation I guess.

This weekend was my first one working for my aunt properly and it felt so rewarding. Plus, I LOVE her dog, not only is Hallie really excitable and great fun to walk and play with, but as a Dog for the Disabled she is well behaved and can do cool things like open doors and take slippers off of people’s feet.

The highlight of my week,  however, was Steph’s 21st party on Saturday night. I decided to treat her to some early evening cocktails in Crafty as a present whilst the house got decorated, and the music was iconic! From barbie girl to the cha-cha slide I didn’t even need to be drunk to dance, it felt like it had been ages since I had been able to spend some quality time with her. Her best friend from home, Molly, and I had been planning her ‘Barbie’ birthday for months and it was such a relief to pull it off and give her the night she deserved. Jelly shots, embarrassing baby photos, and breathed in helium led to a great time dancing in town, and for her at least an awful hangover and a trip to mcdonald’s.

There’s not really much more to say about last week, but I am looking forward to the coming ones. I have some really exciting things in my calendar and I cannot wait to experience and write about them.

I’ll try to get better at this writing lark,

t xox



I travel and go on as many adventures as possible, and if nothing else this is a place to store my memories and thoughts.

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