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It’s a bank holiday so this coming on a Monday shouldn’t be a surprise really should it, I do work in a pub after all. It has been a busy fortnight hence having to miss last week’s update.

On Monday dad and Emma took a 255 mile detour on the way home from London to see me, so I had a day and a half of coffee, carbs and cardio. A trip for coffee at the Priory Hall started off our 36 hours, followed by a walk around the castle and town. I realised that I’ve fallen back into old habits of not loving the place I’m in, I don’t know if it’s because Emma’s positivity is awfully contagious or just because a new perspective re-opened my eyes, but I really do live in a lovely place, and I ought to consciously be happy about that more. The Barn in Scorton was our next stop, yummy lunches all round, we looked at the trinkets in gift shop before deciding that a Wallings adventure would be the best way to finish off the food for the day. Appreciating the view from Williamson’s Park was our inventive way to remove our food babies. Introducing my parents to Ruth was lovely and long awaited, as was winning the game of scrabble before calling it a night. In the morning we went for a walk along morecambe sea front, and whilst it isn’t Devon, it was lovely to have that home-like feeling wash over me for a few hours. Lunch at the Radish concluded our far too short reunion, and whilst I was obviously upset to say goodbye so soon, appreciating the few hours we could have together was the best thing I could do.

On Wednesday Keeno invited me over for fajitas and the fault in our stars, we both cried a lot but really I don’t think it was about the movie. Despite being upset I really enjoyed my time with her, it was reassuring to know that I have friends I can go to when I’m upset that will let me be upset without trying to fix everything. It was refreshing as most people I know try to talk me through my issues, which is great and I obviously appreciate it, but sometimes it’s nice to just feel.

Thursday was insanely busy, I spent some quality time with my sister taking her to cheer camp and cooking her some lunch afterwards, pasta as always. I saw my mum for a coffee (hot chocolate) during her lunch break which was nice; it was comforting to put together some form of plan for the summer and beyond, it helps me feel less lost. In the afternoon I saw Joe at Cafe Nero for yet another drink, I’m beginning to accept that I run on caffeine, and we got to play with some cute twins. I don’t know why a stranger would trust two teenagers with their kids, but man they were adorable. To finish off a great day I caught up with a friend at the pub before they went home for the Easter holidays.

Keeno dragged me to Liverpool for an impromptu night out on the town, and for a Sunday it was amazing. Whilst the circumstances for us being there were not fantastic, I still enjoyed myself and would love to go back. Her family were so welcoming, and her younger siblings were such good fun.

On Monday I went to see Logan at the cinema with Rob, it was strange seeing him out of the gym or work but I actually kinda liked it? I liked the film, of course it was sad seeing n invincible hero and iconic X-men go, but still.

On Monday evening Eve arrived, and we had the nicest two days ever. I don’t really want to write about it though, the days seem so vivid and I’m worried that if I write about them they will fade and seem less real.

On Thursday night I went to meet Erica and Laurence for a few drinks, and Callum came back from Stoke. Dalton bank holiday Thursday is now going to be a thing, but hopefully Rob throwing up all night wont be.

Other than all of this there has been a lot of work and gym going on. This weekend was manic and really quite stressful I guess, but I’ve been chilling in the evenings with my friend and that has helped.

I won’t get too busy again, sorry avid readers lol

t xox



I travel and go on as many adventures as possible, and if nothing else this is a place to store my memories and thoughts.

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