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The Sunday of Mothers,

An early start to help my auntie up this morning, followed by a crazy busy shift at work. I honestly never realised how big of a deal Mother’s Day is, so many people were at the pub having lunch and exchanging gifts. Maybe next year I’ll put in more effort than just a cute card and a chocolate bar.

This week has felt long, but I don’t know why because when I look back I don’t feel like I’ve got enough done.

I spent Monday with Jess and Michelle eating away our feelings, it was the first day in a long time that I hadn’t seen Rachael at all and that felt very strange to me, not a good or bad strange, just strange. Chloe came back from the Netherlands in the evening, my brain was having a silly moment and so I decided (for no reason) that she probably hated me and that I shouldn’t say hi. That was silly, she didn’t hate me, I should have said hi. Thinking that I could do clubbing near enough sober I went to Dalton that evening with Michelle, Liz, and Jess, I didn’t stay sober, but I didn’t get drunk either. The night felt nice in moments, but I know for others it wasn’t so good. The highlight for me was Lydia dropping her purse down a drain, Katie-Alice and I managed to retrieve it after a lot of work and a lot of laughing.

On Tuesday I went to Spoons with Michelle and Jess (see a pattern), but this time I managed to score some free gravy and a better sized orange juice. In the evening I went to Asda and had a look around, I also got a phone call telling me that I had won a case against my ex-employer which I will be writing about soon.

Wednesday I had work all day so it felt very non-eventful. I went to my Mum’s in the evening for a roast which always tastes more delicious than my own, maybe it’s because I didn’t have to cook it. Card games then happened and it was a nice evening, nothing particularly memorable, but in the moment I felt happy.

THURSDAY. I went to training and then got to see Liam and had Nando’s at his work with him. Man he cheers me up.

Friday and Saturday were both just full of work and unnecessary crying. The sort of crying where it’s only happening because you need a hug and a nap.

5 things that have made me happy this week:

  • Seeing my family so much
  • Breakfast date with Rog
  • Being friendly with the customers at work
  • Completing Black Mirror
  • It’s only just over a week until my Dad and Emma come to visit!

Happy Mother’s day to people who are mother’s etc etc etc

t xox



I travel and go on as many adventures as possible, and if nothing else this is a place to store my memories and thoughts.

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