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Today was full of messy rugby watching, veggie wraps, and Irish pub quizzing. It’s been a busy week really, purposefully though. I now feel as if I’m busy because I want to be, rather than being busy so that I don’t have to acknowledge things, which is most definitely progress. 

On Monday I had a friend from boarding school stay over, and quite honestly it was maybe the happiest 24hrs I’ve had in a long time. Before he arrived I got worried that after a three year friendship break we wouldn’t be able to relax around each other, or even worse, that there just wouldn’t be any friendship left. I was very wrong, it felt like nothing had changed between us, after hours of catching up and gossiping I felt reassured that I have made the right decisions in regards to the path I want to take in life. He even said the biggest change in me is that I’m happier now, and I’m so relieved. Taking him home on Tuesday meant that I had to get out of the house and go to training so whilst I was a physical mess, it definitely helped my brain.  We also found out that weatherspoons gravy costs 30p, which is vital information for any real student.

I had work on Wednesday and thankfully I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my new job. It’s hard starting a job when you know how to do it but your brain is making you to nervous to be good. I hope they don’t think I’m useless, and I’m quite confident that they don’t. In the evening I made dinner for my Feegan (fake vegan) friend, and even he admitted that the tofu stir fry tasted good. I think I’m starting to understand the key components to a marinade

I didn’t make training on Thursday, I was just far too tired really. I can’t even really remember the day. I went to Chimp’s for chickpea curry in the evening and that was nice, but I definitely didn’t feel like I was *there*. 

Friday Rachael and I took canal street. I don’t remember most of it. I think I was happy for most of it though. 

Saturday was work/illness based. In the evening I saw Beauty and the Beast, good re-make, I think Disney are starting to be less ashamed of what their re-makes need to be. Might do a post on that for Wednesday. 

5 things that have made me happy this week:

  • Rachael’s unconditional friendship
  • My mother’s impeccable timing with messages of love
  • I cleaned the bathroom 
  • Better sleeping
  • 9 year friendships that just don’t die

Made it, just in time.

T xox



I travel and go on as many adventures as possible, and if nothing else this is a place to store my memories and thoughts.

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