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Holla holla,

I’m currently sat on my mum’s sofa feeling like I’ve eaten a baby whale; SO full. Leggings were a bad choice of clothing. Mentally I’m feeling better than I thought I would considering the start of the week was quite rocky, but a friend of mine reminded me on Monday that as long as I keep my good and kind friends around me, really everything will be okay.

This week has been good, stressful and sleepy, but good nonetheless.

Monday’s highlight was a trip to ASDA with Chloe and whilst this may seem strange to an outsider, to me Asda has become a nice routine place to go and distract myself from negative things, it’s impossible to be sad when Chloe finds the reduced bread, and comfort in hummus is never bad. Somehow we managed to restrain ourselves and only buy (mostly) healthy food, and nothing too overpriced. Rachael came over in the evening but we were both too tired to do anything really, so we just made some dough-balls and consumed a near-illegal amount of garlic.

Tuesday I attempted a trampolining fitness-class which was really fun, but really *really* exhausting. This was followed by a sober night out dancing in hustle, which was a strange decision to have made, but I had a good time with the cheesy music and cheesier moves. It was nice to be reassured that I don’t need alcohol to have a good time.

Wednesday was a work then sleep day, conquering 8 episodes of gossip girl (quality content I know). It was also International Women’s Day, so I wrote a piece on that which you should go and read #selfpromo.

Go burrito in the sun for lunch with Laurence calmed me right down, I initially wanted to go to rugby on Thursday but I really wasn’t feeling it by the time I needed to leave, so Laura and I grabbed some dinner and I had a lovely girls night with her and Lydia. I love those friendships that don’t need to constant reaffirming but every time you see the other person there is nothing but love.

Friday I completed my physical intervention training with FGH and then caught up on a whole load of rest.

Saturday I watched the two six nations matches, and we won! I’m looking forward to watching England vs Ireland next week, it should be a good match even if Ireland don’t really stand a chance. Then I had an evening to myself with a hair mask and writing, and when insomnia hit Rogerio was good online company.

Today I have spent my day with Corlett, and then at home with my family eating. Robowars is currently distracting me from writing this and Rachael is getting annoyed at my flakey-ass self. So really I ought to say five things that have made me happy and get back to her for a movie before a big day tomorrow.

5 things that made me happy this week:

  • Getting my SIA licence
  • 4am Maccies with Rog
  • Trampolining fitness
  • Seeing Corlett
  • England winning their 6 nations match

A successful week online at least,

t xox



I travel and go on as many adventures as possible, and if nothing else this is a place to store my memories and thoughts.

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