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I missed a Sunday, how frustrating, but not because I was sad which is good, but because I was busy and then too tired. The week started badly with a car accident, but I have decided to view that as a learning curve rather than just be annoyed by my £400 excess. Tuesday and Wednesday were good, I was on an SIA course so that I can get my security licence, this means that I will be able to work festivals and generally have a fun job that I actually care about whilst working or being at uni. The course was quite interesting and I really enjoyed meeting the other people there, they were a good laugh and managed to make me feel at ease despite being in a room of strangers. Anxiety struck on Thursday stopping me from getting to Manchester, rugby training however was particularly enjoyable this week and the time in the car with Emma made me laugh a lot. Friday saw another job interview, a trip to Lancaster uni to see Monica, and an evening at the Atkinson’s. I don’t understand how I managed to make friends with one person and then essentially get brought into their family, but I am so grateful for my home from home in their hearts, I honestly cannot imagine my life without any of them in it now, and that to me is mad. I took some friends to the South Lakes Safari Zoo on Saturday and had a lovely time with them, my opinion on zoos has definitely changed and I found some aspects of it quite tricky but I loved seeing my friends and getting out of the house. No rugby for me on Sunday so I decided to support the local team that I used to play for, a very nostalgic experience but I had really missed them.

Five things that made me happy:

  • Getting my SIA licence
  • Spending time with Laura and her family
  • Improving my interview skills
  • Going to the zoo despite everything
  • Being a line runner for the Vale match

A good week overall, and plenty of nice plans for the next few days.

Until next time,

t x



I travel and go on as many adventures as possible, and if nothing else this is a place to store my memories and thoughts.

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