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Self care tips

I’ve only started to understand self care and the importance of it over the last six months or so, I used to think it was about how to pick yourself up when you were struggling, but now I more see it as methods of maintaining your mindset, staying at peace with yourself, and progressing as a person on an emotional level. I am by no means a professional advice giver, but I have been practising being nice to myself recently, so here are some tips.

1. Have a bath:

⁃Light some candles and turn the light off, this can create a nice calm atmosphere

⁃Maybe use a bath bomb, things looking nice can cheer you up if that matters to you

⁃Putting on some background music or watch a film, this can work as relaxation or distraction depending on what you need

2. Pamper yourself:

⁃Use a face mask

⁃Do something to your nails

⁃Freshen up your eyebrows

3. Make yourself a cup of tea:

⁃The warmth of tea can relieve physical pain (more so in women e.g. periods)

⁃To people who come from tea drinking homes it may have a cozy nostalgia to it

⁃If you are struggling to feel productive and awake the caffeine boost may be beneficial, but be careful to not become reliant

4. Have a movie night:

⁃Chilling in your pyjamas will help you relax and feel at ease as you associate them with bed

⁃Hanging out with your friends is a really easy way to remind yourself that you are loved, sometimes I just sit with my housemates in silence doing things I need to get done but their company helps me feel better

⁃Eat a yummy snack, it’s okay to treat yourself!

5. Take care of your health:

⁃Eat enough fruit and veg, you can’t expect to feel good inside if you don’t put some good stuff in there to start with

⁃Stay physically active, staying in touch with your body and keeping it moving has really helped me battle depression in particular

⁃Cook wholesome meals, you are what you eat after all

6. Take time to participate in your favourite hobbies:

⁃Rugby ties in with taking care of my health and is really good at distracting me from things that are on my mind

⁃I make time to write twice a week at least as it forces me to get better at being alone

⁃Reading let’s me explore an imaginary world for a little bit, but I can never find enough time to read

7. Know your own mental health as well as you can:

⁃I need to surround myself with friends even if we aren’t doing anything, this realisation has helped me take massive steps, try to find what helps you be at peace with yourself

⁃It helps me to write how I’m feeling down so I can make sense of it, this was actually discovered mid-argument with a friend of mine. In heated situations I am unable to think clearly let alone say what I want in the way that I want to

⁃I have to literally tell myself that my feelings are valid, otherwise I feel that I am stupid for feeling how I do, remind yourself that you are significant

8. Remove yourself from the bad situation:

⁃Depending on my petrol levels I’ll maybe go for a short drive to calm myself down, but that’s not always possible for people

⁃Sometimes I’ll take my parents’ dog for a walk and tell her all my problems

⁃In some circumstances it’s a good idea for me to turn my phone off and make it so that people I don’t want to talk to can’t contact me

9. Procrastinate:

⁃Write a to-do list of things that will distract you

⁃Work through them at your own pace

⁃Reward yourself as you get things done

10. Learn to process your feelings:

⁃Identify the surface problem

⁃Figured out why a stimulus has caused you to feel a certain way

⁃Try to develop a coping mechanism so that next time you’re in a similar situation it’s a bit easier for you



I travel and go on as many adventures as possible, and if nothing else this is a place to store my memories and thoughts.

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