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Sunday funday… week five.

This week saw me return to rock climbing, make 101 boring phone calls, and take a trip back to Devon that was cut a little short but was still amazing.

Going on walks seems to increasingly clear my mind, also walks can come with dogs and dogs are cute. I’ve missed the sea, and the way the air down south tastes. It feels more fresh and keeps me awake but in a way that doesn’t feel like I’ve downed an energy shot. Catching up with people can feel emotionally tiring and so I was worried that my break would actually make me need a second one, but quite the opposite; I think I have finally honed the skill of recognising toxic friends and laying the friendship down and walking away from it without thinking of myself as a failure.

Unfortunately my anxiety still comes out to play when I would least like it to, playing for Waterloo is exuberant however my adrenaline goes so insane that during the match I cannot focus properly and ironically afterwards I can’t even remember the game properly. I need to work on this, my poor left arm may be a professional at regrowing skin now but still… a work in progress.

I have my SIA licence training this week coming and I have been busy preparing for it, I am feeling quite anxious about it as exams are so not my thing but I think I should pass which would be great

as I can then work festival season with some great friends.

Five things that have made me happy:

  • Seeing my Dad and Emma
  • Lucy freakin Megson
  • My amazing new extended family that continually show unconditional love
  • Returning to climbing was a HUGE personal success
  • We won the rugby match this weekend

A good week, let’s stay hopeful, bye for now

t x



I travel and go on as many adventures as possible, and if nothing else this is a place to store my memories and thoughts.

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